Miravalles & Tenorio Volcanoes

The volcanos of Miravalles and Tenorio are a must see in Costa Rica

The newest travel destination offerd by Elements in Costa Rca are the Tenorio and Miravalles volcanos, located in the Northeastern area of the Guanacaste province.

We recommend this destination for travelers who love to hike and wish to explore a site that offers great natural beauty yet remains almost untouched.

Besides Tenorio and Miravalles volcanoes, there are other attractions in the area such as Rio Celeste (Celeste River); a river known for its beautiful cyan blue color created by mineral deposits. Other activities include canopy tours, horseback riding, tilapia fishing, and hot springs.

Our favorite Miravalles & Tenorio Volcanoes, Costa Rica Accommodations

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Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel

Facing the impressive Tenorio Volcano, is Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel, one of the best lodging alternatives in the area. Displaying a boutique concept aimed at a guest profile that appreciates attention to detail and comfort, the lodge offers 26 spacious bungalows built among great natural scenic beauty.



Rio Perdido Hotel

Off the beaten path, Hotel Rio Perdido (Lost River) is Located in the nearby village of San Bernardo de Bagaces. This upscale boutique hotel offers twenty bungalow built in an extraordinarily rustic area, surrounded by a unique dwarf forest and volcanic rocks, solitary rugged mountains, hot springs and a cloudless sky at the foot of the Miravalles volcano.