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Uvita & Dominical Beach, Costa Rica

Uvita and Dominical areas, located along the Central Pacific coastline, south of Manuel Antonio, are considered among the most novel travel destinations in Costa Rica.  Up until a few years, tourist infrastructure had been scarce, resulting in a rarely visited and unknown area.

At present, the area has experienced a gradual developmental growth that has allowed it to position itself as one of the most appealing destinations to explore by travelers. Its extensive tropical forests rise along the entire coastline, together with a vast amount of solitary beaches form unmatched scenery and show us Costa Rica’s wild nature. Warm waters and great marine riches fostered the creation of Marino Ballena National Park, home to hundreds of protected species, mainly the humpback whale, which concentrate here between the months of December and April to reproduce and continue migrating to the north.

Uvita and Dominical also present ideal conditions for a variety of water sports, including sport fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and surf stand out.  Lodging and dining options are diverse and set good standards, complementing a tourist offer that satisfies the demands of travelers in search of a dose of adventure as well as local flavor, without forfeiting comfort and luxury.

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